Clark Blackthorn

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My name is Clark Blackthorn and I am a 38 year old astrologer specializing in midpoint astrology. From a young age, I've been fascinated by the night sky and the mysteries of the universe. This curiosity led me to study astronomy and math, but it wasn't until I discovered astrology that everything clicked into place.

I quickly realized that natal chart readings provided invaluable insight into a person's psyche and life path. However, I hungered to go deeper. This led me to learn about midpoint astrology, which relies on geometry and advanced calculations to reveal hidden connections.

As a midpoint astrologer, I work to uncover the secrets encoded within a birth chart. I use this symbolic language to decode motivations, relationships, and alignment with highest potential.

In addition to my astrological studies and practice, personal growth has been a lifelong passion. I'm an avid student of mythology, symbolism, and esoteric philosophies. Learning these ancient wisdom teachings fuels my work and continues to shape me as a person.

When I'm not writing and researching astrology, you can find me out in nature, writing in my journal, or playing music. I also love exploring history and visiting sacred sites around the world. Travel connects me to past cultures that observed and revered the mysteries of the cosmos.

It's my calling to decipher the celestial messages that inspired those ancient astrologers so long ago. I feel honored to carry on this profound tradition of self-discovery through the planetary movements. My goal is to illuminate the personal sky map encoded within each birth chart.

Please feel free to reach out if you're seeking deeper understanding. The answers are written in the stars.